Student Council

Student Council at the Euregio Comprehensive School Epe

In the spirit of student participation, the Euregio Comprehensive School also has a student council. This is made up of all the class representatives of the school. It represents the rights and interests of the students and participates in the organization of school life and lessons. At the same time, it is committed to charitable causes and therefore continues the commitment of the former 6a (2016):
"School fees for Uganda".

The school system in countries like Uganda is structured very differently than in Germany. Often, not all children and young people have the opportunity to go to school, obtain a degree and learn a profession. They live and grow up under completely different conditions than our students. For 25 years now, the local St. Agatha parish in Epe has been committed to making school and education possible for these very people. A school education is a great opportunity! The SV and the student company support this project through sales campaigns and donate their proceeds.

Weebale (thank you) to the SV and the student company for their efforts!