Information on religious education

First of all, the most important information on participation in religious education from the NRW education portal:

Is religious education compulsory? Pupils who belong to the denomination in question are obliged to attend classes.

Is it possible to be exempted from religious education classes? Pupils can withdraw from religious education lessons. In the case of pupils who are not yet 14 years old and therefore not yet of religious age, the parents are responsible for deregistration. Conversely, pupils can also take part in religious education lessons in consultation with the religious education teacher if they do not belong to the respective denomination. Pupils at lower secondary level who do not take part in religious education are offered the compulsory course "Practical Philosophy" in many schools.( from 31.08.2018)
At Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium, the compulsory subject "Practical Philosophy" has been taught at lower secondary level for several years . -

If your child is baptized Protestant, Catholic or Syrian Orthodox, but you wish your child to participate in the subject "Practical Philosophy", you must deregister your child from religious education in writing (see deregistration form for religious education). -

We try to take your wishes regarding the subject "Practical Philosophy" into account when setting up the learning groups. However, as average numbers must be adhered to with regard to learning group sizes, it may not be possible to set up an additional "Practical Philosophy" group for the baptized pupils. In this case, we ask that your child attends the respective denominational classes.
Should it not be possible to realize your wish, you will be informed separately about other arrangements at the latest when school starts.