With the school year 2017/2018 the new canteen tenant "Fine Food and Catering Qualitätsbäckerei und Café Claus Duesmann" will take over the preparation, delivery and serving of the food at our school. Thus, these points together with the billing will be in one hand. For the accounting and ordering the company Duesmann has assigned the competent partner "Kitafino". Kitafino is a software that has a lot of experience with the processes in a school canteen.

For all questions regarding ordering and payment, the Kitafino hotline is available at 0911 62179731.

In Kitafino you have the possibility to choose single meals or subscription.

For the food distribution, all students receive a chip with a 10-digit number code. Only with this chip can the children receive their food. So take good care of it and always have it with you.

For all questions regarding the cafeteria, food and ordering, please contact the Duesmann company or the Kitafino hotline directly.

FineFood and Catering Quality Bakery and Café
Inh. Claus Duesmann
Enscheder Str. 81
48599 Gronau